Rare (?) VW truck goes Rat Rod

Some days, the job is funner than others. This job was one of the better ones. I remember seeing a few VW trucks in my time, but not many. So it was a pleasure to hand letter this one. The first picture is the before shot.VW_truck_1One of the first things I did was to build a few wood seats I’ve been meaning to make. I was called out to paint the floor of a flatcar for the Rambler Train in Knoxville TN. Some of the boards were new, and I took the scrap pieces home for this project. They work really well.seatsNext I drew a paper pounce pattern, the traditional way. patternThe paper gets perforated along the pencil lines. Then I use an old sock with charcoal powder in it to transfer the design to the truck door. Below is the finished truck. I’ve got shots of this truck from numerous angles; and I’m thinking of posting them online so that they’re available for people to use.C&C_constructionC&C_2