Door as Decor

A woman in Texas contacted me about a door that was seen in her area. Interesting how it serves as a clothing hanger. She wanted one for her husband; only with the name of their ranch instead. She showed me a couple pictures of the ranch, one of their carriage, and the other of trees at the ranch. From these I made a composite, and added other sign design elements. I found a door at a local dismantler named Chapman Enterprises; it actually was their old wrecker. I was able to sand the paint pen lettering off with 800 grit paper. The first picture is what they saw. I designed the brand and layout of the artwork on the green door, then made a crate and had it shipped to Texas.

bull_doorT_door1ranch_T_door3ranch_T_ddor2Texas ranch truck door lettering, rat rod lettering, hand painted sign made in Tennessee.

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