1951 Chevrolet Truck Restoration

After doing lettering on a 1950 Chevrolet truck, I knew that was my favorite style. I now have a 1951, albeit a heavier frame. The motor runs, and the frame is in surprisingly good shape. The previous owner intended to make it a Rat Rod; he had taken a course sander to the body in order to make it rust. I have saved it from all that. If it doesn’t already exist, I want a fourth category of restoration. There’s original, hot rod, rat rod…I want Work Rod. If the truck had been on the road all these years, what would it be like? A paint job like the original, a few mechanical changes for convenience and safety.

I have taken the many dings out of the passenger side fender, now I’m working on a bad dent created by the driver’s side door. Maybe somebody backed into something while the door was open. I’ll post pictures soon.

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